Notice of  Ordinance Change


Any person owning, harboring, walking, in possession of, or in charge of any animal, which defecates on any public property, public park property, public right-of-ways OR on any private property without the permission of the property owner, shall remove the feces immediately after it is deposited by the animal and place it properly in a suitable bag or other container that closes/seals and dispose of it properly. (Cherryville Code of Ordinances Section 6-6)

The above addition to the City of Cherryville Code of Ordinances was discussed and adopted by council effective 5.8.2017 (jsh)


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Cherryville is a thriving city located in  the western piedmont region of North  Carolina in the northwest corner of  Gaston County and on the western  edge of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg  Metropolitan Area. The City  of Cherryville is a full-service City whose operations include a water  distribution
system, water treatment  plant, wastewater collection system,  wastewater treatment plant,  an electric  distribution system, an  extensive parks system, and well-equipped Police and Fire Departments.

The City has a number of new  initiatives

planned for the coming year.

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