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The City of Cherryville operates under the Council-Manager form of government. Under the Council-Manager form of government, the City Council appoints the City Manager who is responsible for carrying out the Council's policy initiatives and for the day-to-day administration of City government.

The City Manager is also responsible for development and administration of the City's annual budget. The City Manager is assisted in his duties by the City Clerk and seven department heads who are all appointed by the City Manager. These key personnel are responsible for direct oversight of their respective departmental/functional areas and report to the City Manager.


The office of City Manager is located in the Cherryville City Hall at 116 South Mountain Street.

Brian Dalton

City Manager
116 South Mountain Street
Cherryville, NC 28021

Phone: (704) 435-1709 or
(704) 435-1711

Fax: (704) 435-9933

email -

Mission Statement 

Providing Exceptional Service to Our Community That Inspires Life to Blossom.


Vision Statement 

The City of Cherryville will be a transparent model of excellence that upholds high ethical standards and nurtures opportunities for current and future generations to live, work, play and conduct business while maintaining our small-town character and heritage.


Organizational Values  

  • Safety

  • Integrity

  • Citizen Service

  • Teamwork

  • Respect

  • Transparency

  • Pride

  • Vision

  • Accountability

  • Professionalism

  • Dedication

  • Equality

  • Innovation

  • Emotional Intelligence

Organizational Goals

  • Enhance the current status of our infrastructure

  • Revitalize and beautify downtown

  • Enhance and promote development that builds on the character and quality of Cherryville

  • Implement and analyze operational proficiency ptrategies within the City of Cherryville Operations 

  • Develop strategies to enhance the image of the City of Cherryville and surrounding communities


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