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Bond Referendum Updates

Video Interview with Mayor & City Manager

Key Points Summary  [Download & Print]

Water Mains Project:
$3.6 Million

Replacing our failing,
severely corroded 100-year-old water
mains in our hub in our city center

  • Start now as phase 1 to first fix our hub in the city center.

  • Allow a system-wide improvement

  • Improve water quality and pressure

  • Avoid $25,000 daily fines; comply with state codes

  • Stop constant, costly & expensive repairs

  • Fix fire flows

  • Avoid a catastrophe in case of a fire

  • Allow growth for business & apartments

  • Save the cost of an expensive, conventional loan

  • Pay with the existing water / sewer charges

 Sewer Project:
$1.8 Million

Upgrading our failing sewer system.
Install a new pressure line to the treatment plant and install a bladder in city center pipes

  • Fix corroding pipes (same issues as water pipes)

  • Stop back-ups and water damage

  • Stabilize our system

  • Allow for growth

  • Pay for with existing water / sewer charges

Downtown Beautification:
$3.3 Million

Replacing dilapidated downtown streets and sidewalks

  • Restore the economic vitality of our city's heart

  • Restore downtown streets, sidewalks & curbs

  • Make downtown beautiful, safe & attractive to:

  • Bring business, industry & visitors to town

  • Bring families to town

  • Improve our tax base

  • Act together with the huge and ongoing investments of private investors

  • Pay with existing property tax of 6 cents / $100

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