Bond Referendum Updates

Video Interview with Mayor & City Manager

Key Points Summary  [Download & Print]

Water Mains Project:
$3.6 Million

Replacing our failing,
severely corroded 100-year-old water
mains in our hub in our city center

  • Start now as phase 1 to first fix our hub in the city center.

  • Allow a system-wide improvement

  • Improve water quality and pressure

  • Avoid $25,000 daily fines; comply with state codes

  • Stop constant, costly & expensive repairs

  • Fix fire flows

  • Avoid a catastrophe in case of a fire

  • Allow growth for business & apartments

  • Save the cost of an expensive, conventional loan

  • Pay with the existing water / sewer charges

 Sewer Project:
$1.8 Million

Upgrading our failing sewer system.
Install a new pressure line to the treatment plant and install a bladder in city center pipes

  • Fix corroding pipes (same issues as water pipes)

  • Stop back-ups and water damage

  • Stabilize our system

  • Allow for growth

  • Pay for with existing water / sewer charges

Downtown Beautification:
$3.3 Million

Replacing dilapidated downtown streets and sidewalks

  • Restore the economic vitality of our city's heart

  • Restore downtown streets, sidewalks & curbs

  • Make downtown beautiful, safe & attractive to:

  • Bring business, industry & visitors to town

  • Bring families to town

  • Improve our tax base

  • Act together with the huge and ongoing investments of private investors

  • Pay with existing property tax of 6 cents / $100

The City of Cherryville has found that some citizens, that have power with the City of Cherryville, are receiving fraudulent phone calls. The individuals claim to be from Duke energy and say they are going to disconnect the power if payment is not made immediately. This is a scam and you should not make any payment to these individuals. The City of Cherryville handles all power related issues with any citizens that have power with the City of Cherryville. If you have any questions always call City Hall at 704-435-1700.