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City Workers Sewerage

Service Connections

How to Start Service

We are dedicated to delivering extraordinary service to our community. When you move to our city, we would like to meet you and explain our service options. Please call or come by the utilities office during normal business hours. At that time we request that you complete an application for service.


As a non-profit utility, the city is charged with the responsibility of prudent management of the city's finances. Therefore, we collect a deposit for utility services to ensure that all monies due to the city for utility services is collected. You may not have to pay a deposit if you own your home.

How to End Service

When you decide to leave your present location, please call us a few days before you plan to move. We'll need to read your meter a final time and get a forwarding address to send your final bill. If you wish to transfer service to another location served by municipal utilities, the remaining amount owed at your present location will be transferred to the new account, under most circumstances.


Customers Rights

  • A customer has a right to request that his deposit be refunded if he discontinues service with the City of Cherryville.

  • If a customer is notified of an impending disconnection for nonpayment, the city will make all reasonable efforts to work out payment arrangements prior to disconnection, according to an agreement with the city's representatives.

  • A customer has a right to request, free of charge, historic billing and usage information.

  • A customer has a right to a review of any complaint according to the City's grievance procedure.

Service Options

Because we are here to serve you, the city offers several options:


  • A bank draft plan to deduct your bill directly from your checking account

  • A medical alert program to safeguard seriously ill customers

  • A gatekeeper program to assist the senior citizens in our community

Ask us for more information about these special programs.

Power Outages or Issues

  • if you have an issue or outage Monday - Friday 8:00 am  til 5:00 pm, please contact City Hall  (704) 435-1700

  • If you have an issue after 5:00 pm weekdays or on weekends, please contact the Police Department  (704) 435-1717

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