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Courtroom Chairs

City Council Meetings

The City of Cherryville City Council wants citizens to have the opportunity to participate in City Council Meetings.

The City of Cherryville has two options for how you can view the monthly City Council Meeting: 

Attend In Person


City Council Meetings are open meetings and citizens are welcome to attend.   Seating in the Council Chambers will be limited. Some attendees may end up sitting in the over flow room where they will be able to hear and see the meeting. City Council Meetings are held at the Cherryville Community Building, 106 S. Jacob Street in Cherryville.

Facebook link or City of Cherryville Web Page

The City Council Meeting will be streamed live on


Anyone who wishes to comment or ask a question will be required to state give their full name and home address. The City of Cherryville encourages viewers who are watching the City Council meeting virtually to be professional in their comments and questions. Messages and questions that include profanity, or that City staff have deemed to be unprofessional, will not be shared with the City Council in an open meeting.  For more information, please call the City of Cherryville at 704-435-1700.

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