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Cherryville Chamber of Commerce

The Cherryville Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic member-based organization that is vital to the growth, development and sustainability of the Cherryville community. The Chamber unites and advocates for business and professional interests in an effort to enhance our local economy and continuously improve our community's quality of life. The Chamber draws its strength from a diverse membership which creates a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energies, and finances. The primary functions of the Cherryville Chamber of Commerce are:

  • To assist in attracting new industry and commerce to the Cherryville area

  • To support and retain existing industry and commerce in the Cherryville area

  • To act as a resource center for dissemination of information about the City of Cherryville for prospective business interests, newcomers, visitors, and tourists

  • To create and sponsor programs and activities to promote travel and tourism in the Cherryville area

  • To serve as a liaison between the business community and the City of Cherryville regarding business and commerce issues

  • Provide business services and programs that are informational and educational

  • Encourage a curriculum of occupational training in the local public school system

The Cherryville Chamber of Commerce is governed by a twelve member Board of Directors which is elected from its active membership.


Below, you can find a complete list of all directors, active members, and a membership application which should be submitted directly to

For more information on Chamber activities and programs, please call (704) 435-3451.

Chamber Member Directory

Membership Application

Board of Directors

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Mary Beth Tackett

PH: (704) 435-3451

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