Main Street Revitalization Updates

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Main Street Update 12/7/21

Public notice: The water line on Jacob street between Main and Academy Street was accidentally cut this morning during construction. It is being repaired now. Main Street

Update. 12/7/21

Public Notice: Jacob street will be closed From the Chamber of Commerce office to Academy street this week from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm to allow for the new Waterline work to continue.

Main Street Update 11/29/30

Public Notice: Road Closure

Mountain street In front of Carolina Freight Museum will be close tomorrow 11/30/21 until 5:00 pm for sewer line work. Pink street from Main to behind Kingdom Fitness will be close in the morning and then Pink from the Rail Road to Main will be closed around 10:00 am until 5:00 pm for water line.. That will leave Mulberry and Depot access to downtown from the 1st Street side of town. Thank you!

Main Street Update: 11/24/21

Road Closure: Hwy 274 between 1st street and Main Street (in front of Carolina Freight Museum) be closed on Tuesday Nov 30th from 7:30 am til 5:00 pm for Main Street construction project.

Main Street Updates 11/17/21

Pink Street from the Rail Road track to Main Street will be closed 11/19/22 to work on the new water lines.

Main Street Update 11/5/21

N.Alley at Pink street will be closed down until the end of next week for water main testing and tie in. The week of Nov 8th through 12th, 2021.

Main Street Update 11/2/21

Public Notice: The intersection of Main and Pink will be closed tomorrow to allow new water line work. 11/02/21

Main Street Udates 10/25/21

Main Street will be closed today from Pink street to Academy due to construction.

Main Street Updates 10/22/21

Public Notice: Dominion Energy will be blocking the North Bound Lane of Mountain Street at the North Alley on Tuesday (October 26th 2021) to complete the gas connection. This is between HomeTrust Bank and the North Alley at the railroad crossing. They will be flagging traffic which will slow down the flow until they are complete.

Main Street Update 10/19/21

Good Morning: The water line in the North Alley was accidentally cut. The water to some of those buildings might be interrupted for a bit. They are working on the repair right now. Thank you for your understanding.

Main Street Updates

Road Closure: The intersection of Pink and Main street will be closed on Monday October 18th, 2021 to allow the installation of the Main water lines. Thank You!!

Main Street update Week of Oct 11 - 15th.

The Main Water line will continue from Pink to Depot street this week and next. They will be closing Main street from Depot to Bates and then moving up in front of Pheonix and then come from Pink to Bates. The road is usually reopened in the evenings.

The Gas company will be finishing in the South Alley this week. They will begin working in the North Alley from The pink building to Mountain street all of next week.

The Sewer line construction will will be in the back behind Kingdom Fitness for a few days and down Pink Street.

Thank you again for your understanding! If you have any questions please contact the Main Street Office.

Main Street Update: October 8, 2021

There is a minor change to the water line installation on Main Street. They now will begin at Depot and run it to Bates street on Monday. This will be on the South side of Main Street. There will be times the road will be closed due to construction vehicles and equipment. .

Main Street Update: October 6, 2021

1. Monday October 11th, the city will be working on the power in the North Alley Way. The power will be turned off early morning and they will be installing a new pole at the rail road and pink Street. All of the merchants from Pink Street to Mountain street (IN THE NORTH SIDE ONLY), the power will be off until hopefully around 9:00 possibly noon. I have contacted all the stores. This is on the Home Folks side of Main Street.

2. The new water lines will be connected soon in the North Alley to those building who's lines are in the back. There shouldn't be any disruptions to businesses according to the contractors.

3. Due to new circumstances, the main water line from Pink Street to Depot street is now going to be in the front of the buildings. They will begin at Pheonix (Old Dollar General) building cutting the digging from Pink Street to Depot on main street.. There shouldn't be in street closures, but might be some flagged areas with equipment.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the Main Street Office.

Main Street Update: 9/28/2021

Public Notice: We will be closing Pink between the Rail Road Track and Main Street, between Alray Tire and Brunners Automotive Wednesday Sept 28th Thursday Sept 29 and possibly Friday September 30th to install the new waterlines for main street.

Main Street Update

OAK Street will be closes 9/15/21 - 9/20/21 to install a new manhole and sewer connections.

Main Street Update


Beginning today 9/15/21 Dominion Energy will begin laying the new gas service behind the buildings on South Mountain Street. This will be behind the buildings from the Chamber office to Rustic Roots. Each building will need new "FREE" hook ups over the next few week. I will be by those buildings this week to discuss and make sure you are aware and explain the process and answer your questions. If you have any questions before I get to your location, please contact me on my cell or at the chamber office. David Day Downtown Director

Main Street Update

They will working on the waterlines at the rail road crossing at Pink and Main on Thursday 9/9/21 - Friday 09/10/21. They will be flagging the traffic.

Main Street Paving update 9/2/21

Main Street Update - 9/2/21. They will patching/paving in front of The Cherryville City Hall tomorrow Friday - 9/3/21. Traffic will be flagged .


9/6 THUR 9/10

Monday we will be off. 9-6-21

Tuesday 9-7-21

We will be doing asphalt patching on W Main St from Mulberry St to S Mountain St.

Wednesday 9-8-21

We will be on S Mountain St doing the patch

Thursday 9-9-21 & Friday 9-10-21

We will be working on patching the holes on E Main St from S Mountain St to Pink St.

This is all based of weather.

These patches are temporary until the work is complete. New paving will be done once all the work on Main ST is completed to prevent it from being damaged.

The water construction will continue in the North Alley. .

August 25th, 2021

NOTICE: There was an UNMARKED ATT wire in the North Alley behind the YMCA. They are working on having this repaired now. 10:57 am 8/25/21. They might have to cut some power for a bit to that side of the street. PLEASE contact me at my office 7044353451. if you have any questions. Regards David Day

August 31th, 2021

Main Street Updated schedule for 9/01/21 tomorrow. They will finish 126 W Main and then move to 302 E Main. Thursday they will be working at 210/218 E Main. On Friday they will be going around adding rock to all their previous digs that have settled. Next week the plan is to patch all the areas that have been dug on Main and Mountain Street

August 20th, 2021

Notice: The crews were able to reroute the water line but not able to set the new manhole. We wanted to inform you that we will be extending the detour through next week 8/23- 8/27) to complete the work in HWY 274. (Mountain and Main) Hopefully the work will be completed by Wednesday of next week at which time we will open the road back to truck traffic. The only traffic allowed to pass now is local vehicle traffic.

August 18th, 2021

Public Notice: August 18th, 2021. City of Cherryville, NC. The parking in the north alley between Mountain Street and Pink street to park in the spots up against the buildings, away from the tracks, they are going to start laying out for our waterline this afternoon and will be saw cutting Thursday and Friday. This notice to remain in place for the next few weeks while they lay the waterline in this area.

August 16, 2021

Reminder again the intersection of Mountain and Main will be close this week 8/16-8/21 to work on the manhole.

Sealand - Water installation - We will be digging in the North Alley in the vicinity of the Hometrust Bank. We will be obstructing their entrance off of Main Street, but they will have access through the mountain street entrance.

Sealand - Water Installation - We will also be backfilling at the 8 inch insertion valve on N. Mountain St, this won't affect any businesses, but we will be flagging traffic

August 10, 2021

ROAD CLOSURE - The intersection of Main Street and Mountain street will be close August 16 through August 20th, 2021 to allow work on the Manhole in the center of the intersection. Please watch for detour signs.

August 9, 2021

Good Morning: August 9-13, 2021 - Update for Main Street work!

Monday and Tuesday: Sealand - Waterlines will be working on North Pink Street and South Pink Street today and Tuesday. More updates will follow after our construction meeting on Tuesday at 10:00 am

Monday - Friday - Cajenn - Sewer lines - Working on Main Street all week.

Monday & Tuesday - Manholes at vacant lot on Main Street beside Mcginnis Furniture.

Wednesday - Service reconnect at 303 E Main

Thursday and Friday - Service reconnect at 126 W Main Street.

They will also have a crew working to finish up the North Alley.

Please watch for one lane roads through out the week. If you have any questions, please contact me at the Main Street office. Each dig is one step closer to our amazing new "Main Street".

August 3, 2021

Public Notice: The Drive Through entrance to City Hall, Cherryville NC will be closed to cars on Thursday, August 5th, 2021, to allow for Main Street work on the water system. You can walk up to the window, go inside or use the Kiosk.


Monday 8-2: Working on Manhole at Jacobs street all day

Tuesday 8-3: Working On Manhole at Jacobs to Pink Street.

Wednesday 8-4: Will be a busy day: One lane road from Mountain to Pink most of the day. They are installing a new line between Oak and Mountain Street and 1/2 the road will be closed for 1/2 the day.

Thursday 8-5: Oak Street to Pink street continue working to installing clean outs. Possibly only 1 lane those days.

Friday 8-6: Work continues from Oak to Pink street possibly one lane roads.

They are going to try not to close the entire street if entirely possible. Thank you for your understanding.

July 21, 2021

Notice: The Mountain Street Entrance to Home Trust Bank will be closed on Thursday July 22 and Friday July 23, 2021 due to waterline construction. Please use the Mountain Street entrance. Thank you! David Day Downtown/Economic Development Director.

July 21, 2021

Main Street Update: The sewer revitalization project continues this week. They are continuing working on replacing manhole covers and connections. The Sealand company will be cutting areas to begin the waterline we will be digging pits for waterline insertion valves. They will be starting at north alley and N. Mountain St., then heading over to pink Street and North Alley, then we will be at Depot Street and Main Street. This will involve cutting areas in the pavement. Most of the work is going to be in the Back North Alley.

If you have any questions please contact me at the Main Street office 704-435-3451 Thank You

July 19th 2021

Main Street Update: they will be working underground this week on the sewage lines in following areas and days.

Today - July 19th: Mulberry to Mountain.

Tomorrow - July 20th: from Mountain to Oak.

Wednesday - July 21st: from Oak to Jacob.

July 12, 2021

We had our 1st city and contractors meeting today. We met at the Fire Department and it was well attended. We will be continuing to meet weekly while the revitalization of Main Street is in process or as needed. The following procedures were set in place.

All Main Street Merchants and Owners are to contact David Day 704-435-3451 or The contractors have been instructed if asked any questions to send all questions through David. There will be weekly post on this blog and also via our other forms of social media. The contractors will begin moving equipment into strategic areas this week but work will not begin until the 19th of July. You will be notified of specific dates and times where the work will be and what areas of Main Street it will effect.

July 8th 2021

Good Afternoon: Just a brief Main Street Revitalization Update: We will be meeting with the contractors on Monday, July 12th, 2021 at 10:00 am for our 1st meeting. I will be posting on here the information and also on:

you can always find this by going to, scroll to the middle of the page and you'll see Main Street Revitalization updates. Or please contact me at or 704-435-3451 at my office.

Thank you all!!

David Day Downtown/Economic Development Director

June 22, 2021

The construction for the main street project has begun.

  1. Frazier Engineering - Sewage Rehab

  2. They will begin on Main and Mulberry street moving towards Depot street the week of June 21, 2021.

  3. They will be going into each building, doing a dye test through the sewage system.

June 29th 2021. I received the schedule today about the Man Hole cover construction and I wasn't aware until now.

  1. June 29, the cover in front of Dr. Whites Building.

  2. June 30, the cover in front of the Chamber Of Commerce.

  3. July 1, the cover in front/beside Butter Me Up.

I spoke with the team leader and he said it would be possible for deliveries from larger vehicles. They would help them get or maneuver through.

June 29th 2021.

I received the schedule today about the Man Hole cover construction and I wasn't aware until now.

  1. June 29, the cover in front of Dr. Whites Building.

  2. June 30, the cover in front of the Chamber Of Commerce.

  3. July 1, the cover in front/beside Butter Me Up.

I spoke with the team leader and he said it would be possible for deliveries from larger vehicles. They would help them get or maneuver through.

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