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Cemetery Clean Off Day

City Memorial Cemetery Clean Off Day

The City of Cherryville will clean off the City Memorial Cemetery on Friday December 1, 2023. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Paige Green, City Clerk at 704-435-1709. Thank you.

The following is prohibited on all graves: ornaments, furniture, glass vases, glass cases or any other glass or porcelain items, light fixtures, decorative flags, toys, wooden or any other articles on poles, watering cans or any other article that may be considered objectionable by the city. The City of Cherryville reserves the right to remove same without notice to the owner, any relative or other person. Exceptions to these rules are allowed at certain holidays (such as Easter and Christmas), but items must be removed immediately after the holiday, or they will be removed by the city. A solar light or a current flag of the United States of America may be placed in the original vase with the flower arrangement so long as it does not exceed 12 inches in total height above the top of vase.

We strongly suggest that if you have a flower arrangement at the cemetery and you do not want it thrown away, please remove it until the cemetery has been cleaned. The City of Cherryville is not responsible for any stolen flowers or flowers that are deemed old or faded and are removed. The City of Cherryville is also not responsible for items that are prohibited on graves and have been removed.

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