Chief of Police
Richard Jenks
704 East Church Street
Cherryville, NC 28021
Phone: (704) 435-1717
Fax: (704) 435-1716
Email: rjenks@cityofcherryville.com

Mission Statement
The mission of the Cherryville Police Department shall be to provide a safe environment in which residents and visitors can live and work. This mission shall be accomplished by the prompt but fair enforcement of state laws.

The employees of the Cherryville Police Department strive to be the "best that they can be" and serve the citizens of Cherryville to the best of their abilities.

The Cherryville Police Department is a full-service department offering protection for the citizens of Cherryville. Our department is made up of the following divisions:

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  • Administrative Division
    Consists of the administrative staff of the department and is responsible for the overall supervision of staff, preparation and administration of the departmental budget, maintaining training and related records, and other related duties.

  • Criminal Investigations Division
    This division is responsible for investigating all major crimes and works closely with the Patrol Division on all cases.

  • Patrol Division
    This division is responsible for general crime prevention and traffic enforcement activities.

  • Communications Division
    This division is responsible for handling 911 emergency calls and other calls for service and dispatching officers 24 hours a day. Communications also dispatches calls for Public Works and Utilities after normal business hours.

  • Reserve Officers
    This division consists of a full compliment of qualified reserve law enforcement professionals that are available to augment the department should the need arise.



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