Fire Chief
Jeff Cash
411 E. Church Street
Cherryville, NC 28021
Station: 704-435-1730
Fax: 704-435-2430

Click below for a copy of the department's Strategic Plan:
           2018 Strategic Plan
Click below for a copy of the Year End Report:
           2017 End of Year Report

Click below for information on avoiding false alarms:
           Guide to Avoiding False Alarms

North Carolina Response Rating (ISO): Class 2

We are pleased to announce that during the recent
North Carolina Response Rating (ISO) inspection,
the City of Cherryville's classification has been raised from
Class 4 to Class 2.
This rating will be effective as of April 01, 2018 and could help to lower insurance premiums.

Commercial, industrial and manufacturing businesses are more likely to be in line for these reductions, but both homeowners and businesses should contact their insurance carriers to see if a reduction is applicable in their particular case.  This possible premium reduction will depend on the insurance carrier and the characteristics of the particular structure being insured.

Vision Statement
"Integrity, Professionalism, Dependability"

Mission Statement
"Safeguarding Our Community Through Exceptional Services"

Services We Offer:

  • Fire Suppression

  • Medical First Responder

  • Emergency Disaster Planning

  • Pre-Incident Analysis

  • Grants

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Fire Inspections

  • Assisting other City Departments

  • Arson Investigation

  • Designated Safe Place

  • Mentoring Program for Children

  • Station Tours

  • Fire Safety House

  • Free Smoke Detector Program

  • Fire Prevention & Education

  • Certified Child Safety Seat Installation

  • Junior Firefighter Program

The Cherryville Fire Department also offers the citizens many free services such as being a designated SafePlace for those in need, unlocking cars, free blood pressure checks and hosting various community classes such as concealed weapons training, boater safety and hunter safety classes. Please be mindful that our free blood pressure, pulse and glucose checks are available Monday–Friday between the hours of 8:00am–5:00pm or by appointment if time is available. Please be mindful these services can be delayed due to emergency calls, meetings or other job assignments. We will always try to safeguard our citizens through exceptional services.




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